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We have specific models that offer the possibility of customization to suit your project for homes and hotels as well as for shops, restaurants and businesses, allowing you to select different aspects such as color, cable length or type of material.


We have a wide range of products for the decorative lighting of different indoor and outdoor spaces. Find modern ceiling lamps, floor lamps, table lamps and wall lamps for lighting and decorating your home,shop,restaurant,and business.


We offer solutions for contract lighting projects. To this end, we have products with specific technical features such as recessed luminaires with different light opening angles, LED panels with UGR16, spotlights for three-phase tracks or industrial hoods


We work with allow customization of the products for projects or to suit your project and environment. You can have your lamp Lighting made to measure by selecting the color,light temperature, the type of shade material or the length of the cable.




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